Sunday School

Sunday School gathers at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings and includes programs for all ages from the Nursery through adults.

Three adult classes are held each Sunday morning: Young adult, a lecture class, and a discussion-oriented class.

Once a quarter, these classes meet together for an “Enrichment Sunday” with light refreshments and a speaker or special program of some type.

Youth Group

During the school year, the youth group meets at 6pm every Sunday at the church. Every week is a little bit different. We play games, go out to eat, hang out, and learn about how God calls us to live out our faith.

Presbyterian Women

There are two Women’s Circles that meet on the first Monday of the month. Each group studies different topics and meets in someone’s home. The women enjoy refreshments afterwards. Please contact the church if you are interested in joining one.

Throughout the year, there are many other things the women of the church are involved in… check the calendar to see what events are coming up!

Back to School Jam

Presbyterian Women preparing
Thanksgiving Plates

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